Legends & Renagades is a mastermind for high-level entrepreneurs. A community for you to share the journey with other leaders. Leaders creating legendary results in their work, lives and world.



FACT: No one knows everything about everything. We all have blind spots in our game. Areas of expertise and knowledge we've never explored. This is why being in a mastermind of high-achieving entrepreneurs who possess (and will share) hard-earned knowledge in sales, marketing, production, delivery, etc are critical to creating legendary success.


Knowledge is power. But it's even more powerful when it's applied directly to your unique challenges and vision. Goals and challenges are a bit like a thumbprint: We all have thumbprints -- but each is unique. And getting advice and counsel around your unique situation can make all the difference.


As a member of Legends & Rogues you get exclusive access to our Million Dollar Library. Inside you'll get to learn the methods and strategies and principles that have helped others build legendary results with uncommon thinking tools. Topics covered range from Influence to advertising to strategy to marketing to proven thinking processes that have generated million-dollar insights.


Nothing helps you create legendary results - FAST - like a 30 - 90-day "Full Rogue" challenge to increase important metrics like your sales, leads, new clients, list-building efforts and more. Using the power of a crystal clear objective that seems out of reach, a proven "breakthrough process" and the insights and advice of other Legends' you'll be on your way to becoming a Legend.


When you are ready to bust through your challenges and seize your opportunities, you can participate in group "Hot Seats". During the Hot Seat, you, your challenges and your opportunities take center stage. Everyone puts their full focus on helping you reach the next level.


A legendary business isn't an accident. In my research into CEOs of INC 500 and other fast-growth businesses, I discovered a proven and repeatable process that can help you catapult your growth, sales and profits. The most critical part in the process was the discovery of an insight into these legends business, customers, market or their personal beliefs and perceptions. As a member, this process will be yours.


"In a short thirty-minute conversation, Robert Stover clarified my passion and took it to a razor-sharp focus. He refined my target audience and confirmed, with research, a fundamental pain these people experience. He then encouraged me that my work answers that primary need. I am blown away. He turned the complicated into simple."

Susan Chrisman

“Robert Stover is an imaginative strategic thinker that has conceived several major breakthroughs critical to our success. …has grown from a small product generating just $14,000 a month to a promising organization with over $300,000 a month in sales; it is on track to hit $4.5M this year.”

Dave Savage, CEO,

Mortgage Coach

“When I’m stumped I call Robert Stover. He's been one of my secret weapons for over 25 years! He's come up with new ideas and helped me improve my own ideas. His thoughts, advice and concepts have shaped the way I consult with (and grow) my own clients. He’s even shared strategies which spun off entire companies I’ve sold.”

John Kirker, Founder,

Ignition Labs

"1. A business mind capable of immediately seeing what few others even know exists. 2. Providing insight so fast and profound that I almost feel stupid for not recognizing it myself. 3. Giving clear instructions for taking instant action that moved me towards success and away from the quicksand of confusion in which I’ve found myself wallowing. Those are the top three reasons for seeking the counsel of Robert Stover, who’s the first source for guidance whether I’m stuck at a career crossroads or teetering above the pointed horns of a business dilemma. Pay for his advice, because you’ll know it’s good the minute you hear it. And you’ll feel even better when you act on it."

Dave Chappelle, Story Telling Copywriter,


"You gave me so much to think about, clearly identifying my limitations and showing easy and functional was to not only challenge them but to overcome them. I can not wait to get going and send you my first feedback from 'Launch'. My brand, my concept will no longer be merely a dream or idea that maybe one be something."

Werner Pretorius, Founder,


"Thank you Robert Stover for your help teaching me how to make better messages in my videos... I am still a work in progress but getting better, I can literally see it in my business.. Every message I send today whether it is an ad or message to borrower/realtor has me thinking Star-Chain-Hook lol.. Your private coaching last year was one of the best investments I've made in my career!"

Dan Keller, Speaker, Trainer, Mortgage Advisor

"Robert helped me to better define my niche and to position myself as a thought leader within my field. I will forever be grateful for the push and tools he gave me to further my speaking and consulting career."

Dr. Bill Dyment, Consultant, Speaker, Coach

"Robert has comprehensively upgraded my strategic thinking around house marketing for our agency. Robert is deeply schooled in the history of persuasion communications and has invented overlay methodologies which draw the discoveries of past experts together into a coherent framework for the creation of highly effective marketing communications in the present. Robert never fails to amaze me with the way he is able to distill lessons from his life's work, and his generosity in sharing his insights."

Simon Cousins, CEO,


"Robert is a sharp and on the ball consultant. He was also gracious enough to share is expertise with my marketing students. The kids were buzzing about the great real world experience he imparted to the class. It's good to know there are people out there like Robert who are successful but also give back and care about the community."

Michael Daehn, MA, MBA



More intensive private coaching




  • Includes two 30-minute private coaching sessions each month
  • Your questions answered same day (M-F, till 4pm PST)
  • The Legend's Million Dollar library
  • The masterminds
  • Live Hot seats
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    Full Rogue Challenges

includes private coaching




  • Includes one 30-minute private coaching session each month
  • Your questions answered same day (M-F, till 4pm PST)
  • The Legends Million Dollar Library
  • The Masterminds
  • Live Hot Seats
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    Full Rogue Challenges

Robert Stover Has Made His Clients Millions Of Dollars And Helped Them Grow Legendary Businesses Through Unconventional Thinking

He is the author of the strategic planning Best Seller, STRATEGY MATTERS.

He has consulted with household names like Chase Bank and  Investors Business Daily, Put deals together for Jay Abraham and helped grow innovative start-ups into industry leaders.